Friday, October 28, 2011

Evans Ave/Then and Now

A dull little strip plaza on Evans in the late 1960's.
2010 and still dull.

Dowling Ave/Then and Now

Looking south down Dowling across the bridge in 1923. The community of South Parkdale was
south of the train tracks.
A current view. The houses and streets of South Parkdale were demolished in 1955/56 to make room for the Gardiner Expressway.

Fuller Ave/Then and Now

The east side of Fuller north of Queen in 1935. These houses probably had work orders issued against them for improvements.
The same row in 2010.

Vintage CCM Bicycle

A vintage CCM coaster for sale a couple of weeks ago at the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market.

Enough With the Six Points Already.

1956, the N/W corner of Dundas and Jopling Ave. The hydro towers in the B/G help to locate this photo.
1977 or so and there's a Fullers Restaurant situated on the same spot.
2010. The Dundas Street Grill, formerly the Fullers Restaurant.
Fullers circa 1977-78.2010.

Still More Six Points/Then and Now

Before the subway was extended to Islington and the TTC parking lot was built this drive in cleaner (Langley's)was located on the north side of Bloor just west of Islington.

Dundas West at Six Points/Then and Now

Richard's Television on Dundas west circa 1960.2010 and the building and the house are long gone.

Dundas West at Six Points/Then and Now

The north side of Dundas west of Six points in the early 1960's. This photo was taken almost directly in front of my Grandparent's house.
Another angle, 1956.

Dundas West at Six Points/Then and Now

A quick photo merge of this strip plaza on Dundas circa 1960 with a current view. The individual photos appear below. Please click on any image for a better view as there is a lot of good detail to be seen.

Dundas West at Six Points/Then and Now

A boat dealership on Dundas circa 1960.
A current view.

Six Points Mystery Mansion

Looking east on Bloor towards Kipling. This grand home was demolished to build the plaza seen below. Thanks to Anonymous for locating this photo.

More Six Points/Then and Now

More shots from 1956 before Dundas was widened and the Six Points interchange was built (1960)

Six Points/Apache Burger/Then and Now

Another shot from 1956. Mello Ice Cream on the North side of Dundas would soon transform into an Etobicoke institution, Apache Burger.
Today. The original building still stands behind the newer facade.

Six Points Plaza/Then and Now

Six Points Plaza at Kipling in 1956 prior to the widening of Dundas Street. Note how attractive all the signs are.A contemporary view.

Novelty Signs/Kingston Road

This chip wagon is located on Kingston Road east of Whites Road in Pickering. Before the 401 was built, Kingston Road (Hwy 2) was the main thoroughfare travelling east from Toronto.
A shot from the archives circa 1908. Kingston Road.