Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plaza on Evans/Then and Now

A little strip plaza on the south side of Evans just esdt of the East Mall in the late 1960's
Just as grim in 2010.

Bloor and St. Thomas/Then and Now

A shot of the once famous La Provencal Restaurant located across the street from the equally famous Windsor Arms Hotel sometime in the 1970's. We shot an episode of
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues in both the restaurant and the Windsor Arms when they were both quite abandoned in the early 90's.
A postcard of the restaurant interior from Chuckman's Collection.

Yonge and Hayter/Then and Then

The N/W corner of Yonge and Hayter prior to the building of Eaton's College in 1920 or so.
A Maxwell Car dealership, my Grandfather sold Maxwell's for a time. William Long Piano's also had a branch in New York on Broome Street in Brooklyn.
Sometime in the 1960's.

St. Clair and Ford Street/Then and Now

The S/E corner of St. Clair and Ford in the 1920's prior to St Clair being widened.
These houses would soon be demolished.
Ironically there's a Chevrolet dealership on Ford St.

Dufferrin and St Clair/Then and Now

The S/W corner of Dufferin and St Clair in 1911 when St Clair was still just a muddy road.
This could be the same building buried underneath years of renovations and additions.
The proportions are similar......
This photo from the archives from the same period is labelled Ossington and St. Clair
and indicates how far north of the city this area was.