Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Spadina and Adelaide/Then and Now

The N/E corner of Spadina and Adelaide in 1911.
2010. The Balfour Building was built in 1930 and was named in honour of the Earl of Balfour, who, in 1917, had committed the British government to support a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
Arthur Balfour, the first Earl of Balfour.
The Balfour Building.
The entrance.
Just for fun.

Spadina and Adelaide/Then and Now

Looking west along Adelaide from Spadina during track work in 1911.
Things have changed by 2010.
The current building on this corner is the Tower Building and built in 1927. Designed by Benjamin Brown.
The Tower Building.
Just for fun.

More Spadina/Then and Now

Looking south down Spadina past Nassau Street in the spring of 1919.
A similar viewpoint in 2010.

Queen and Duncan/Then and Now

This one may not be accurate. I couldn't find any architectural evidence left at this intersection.
I assume it's the north side of Queen opposite Duncan, 1916 during road work.

261 Spadina/Then and Now

261 Spadina in the summer of 1944. What was once an elegant home is now a shambles.

Lost Queen Street Reconstructed

Here is a series of photos from the archives stitched together to give you an idea of what the south side of Queen Street looked like between York and St Patrick in the early 1930's, before the demolition to accommodate the University Avenue extension south. There are some great details here if you take the time to examine the photos more closely.
Please click on the images to enlarge.
York Street to the left.
Continuing west. The gap between the buildings is quite a bit larger than shown.
I will correct it soon.
This block occupied the gap seen above.
Sweetman's Pet Store has a sign in the window that says
"Ordered Shut By the City
Building Coming Down
Everything Must Go!
Moving to 367 Queen St. W."
367 Queen is the current location of Silver Snail Comics......
Continuing west to Simcoe Street.
From Simcoe to opposite St. Patrick
This block hasn't changed that much when seen today.

Crazy Spaceship 1915

It's not really a spaceship but a filter of sorts for a water intake pipe installed at the foot of Spadina in 1915. A good photo, all the same.

Harbord and Spadina/Then and Now

Looking west along Harbord from Spadina in 1899.

Spadina/Then and Now

East side north of Queen in 1940.

Spadina/Then and Now

38-48 Spadina in 1940. These Victorian Townhouses have reached the end of the road.
1942 and the two to the right are gone and replaced by the building above.
2010, a gas station.
A little further north this half house has survived. Perhaps it should be put out of it's misery.

Village Cigar Store, Forest Hill- 1960

The sign clearly states "Do Not Read Comic Books in This Store".

Old Drugstore on College Street

It's no longer a drugstore but still retains the original fixtures and display cases.

A Study in Contrast

Then and Now in one photo taken on Oxford Street just west of Bellevue 2011.

Queen and Ossington/Then and Now

The north side of Queen just east of Ossington in 1919. I suspect the point of this photo was to
document the large "McCullough Fine Hats" sign that seems to be sagging over the sidewalk.

Queen and Manning/Then and Now

The north side of Queen looking west in 1923 past "Colleck's Barber Shop" a little further down the street an old gas pump is visible.

Richmond and University/Then and Now

Looking south down the recently completed University Ave extension in 1934.