Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Major Street/Then and Now

Taken in 1912 this phot shows the James brothers (photographers) on their motorcycle, a Monarch, travelling down Major Street.
Right past these two houses seen one hundred years later....
The James Brothers seen here with their father.
Many of the photos seen here from the Toronto archives were taken by William James.
A good article about the brothers can be found here.
The Flying Monarch.

A Moment in Time

This photo taken in 1911 on Major Street shows a group of boys playing what appears to be a game of "stagecoach". I think that the kid on top chose the horses.

Bloor and Brunswick/Then and Now

Frank James at his butcher shop 1921.
495 Bloor Street in 1920 when it was a butcher shop.
The Brunswick Meat Market. Check out the prices.
Minced steak (hamburger) @ 15 cents a pound.
2010, note the door to the left in both photos.

Ontario Cottage on Lippincott Alley

This little Ontario Cottage was on the lane behind 178 Lippincott. I don't know if it still exixts but will find out.
The back of the cottage seen from the laneway.
It's possible that this is the house with alterations...
Another house on the lane farther north.
Watch for an update soon.
From the laneway.

Lippincott and Ulster/Then and Now

The S/E corner of Lippincott and Ulster in 1922 when it was a corner store.
2010 and no longer a store.

Palmerston and Harbord/Then and Now

Looking south down Palmerston from Harbord in 1908 when these homes were brand new.
Again in 1920.
Ninety years later and not much has changed. A testament to the high quality of materials and workmanship put into these homes.
Will the new condos and townhouses going up today still be around in a hundred years?
I don't think so.

College and Bathurst/Then and Now

The N/E corner of Bathurst and College in 1919.
2010 and the bank remains without it's peaked roof and awnings.

Margerreta Street Sink Hole 1914

Margeretta Street just north of College in 1914. This huge sink hole opened up and swallowed this delivery wagon. What happened to the horse?

College Street Storefronts/Then and Now

The north side of College east of Crawford in 1939.

College and Lansdowne/Then and Now

The triangular lot where College and Dundas meet seen here in 1939, when it was an Imperial gas station.
2010 and still a gas station.
Another angle.
Obvious signs of structural damage. College street had just been extended from it's previous terminus at Lansdowne up to meet Dundas just before the bridge.
The damage seen here could be a result of the road work.