Friday, November 18, 2011

Vintage Stereo Ads/1974

Pioneer probably spent more on advertising than anyone else. Here is one of there expensive tri-fold ads from the inside cover of High Fidelity Magazine March 1975. The SX 828 (50 watts per channel) listed @ $499.00 would cost $2,225.00 in today's money.

More Vintage Stereo Ads/1974

Not as popular as the Pioneer or Marantz lines, Sherwood still made respectable components.
The king of receivers. The Marantz 2325 put out a whopping 125 watts per channel (that's real 1970's watts not today's inflated numbers) List price in 1974 was $800.00 ($3566.00 today).
These units are still very desireable and sell for $400-$2000.00 today.
Not as popular as their receivers Marantz also built speakers and turntables.
A Thorens turntable, one of the best.
Four Channel stereo never really caught on.

Vintage Stereo Ads/1974

In the 1960's and 70's Hi Fi stereo equipment was a big status symbol and it was important to have a superior system. Once again, usung the inflation calculator it's shocking to find out how expensive some of these items were. Below, a selection of magazine ads from High Fidelity magazine 1974-1975. For more info on seveties stereo please visit:
KLH speakers were developed by the legendary Henry Kloss. He also designed for AR (Acoustic Research) and Advent. He laso designed the currently popular Tivoli radio. All of his classic speakers are still highly collectable and have held their value to some extent. I have a pair of the KLH 17's and by today's standards would cost $356.00 today.
This Kenwood system @ $2150.00 in 1974 would cost a staggering $9,553.00 today!
The most expensive of the Duals @ $400.00 would be $1800.00.
And even this Radio Shack receiver (still fine quality) would be over $1000.00....

Eaton's College Street Store

Some photos from the archives of Eaton's College store during the construction of the Yonge subway line circa 1949-1950. For a more detailed post click here.