Monday, January 24, 2011

Mulberry Street NYC/Then and Now

This ones a little difficult but could be close. Mulberry Street NY in Little Italy at the turn of the century. A very nice hand coloured postcard.2010.

Judson Supercharger/Corvair

Here's a cool and somewhat rare aftermarket accessory for the Chevrolet Corvair, a Judson Supercharger. This is a bolt on system that would increase the car's horsepower.
More info can be found here.
A period brochure for the Judson Supercharger.

Walnut Street/Then and Now

The east side Walnut Street 1936.
The houses have been replaced but the one to the right remains.

Niagara and Tecumseth/Then and Now

The west side of Tecumseth just north of Niagara in 1938.
A few months later after repairs.

Remarkably intact 73 years later.
Tecumseth Street is named after a Shawnee war chief (1768-1813) who fought with the British during the War of 1812. His name means either "Shooting Star" or
"Panther Crouching in Wait".

Stewart Street/Then and Now

The north side of Stewart St. looking west from Portland 1913. A row of worker's cottages.
2010, a different type of workers cottages.
There was time when the average working person could afford to buy their own home, even if it was a small row house. Now people are lucky to afford a 500 square foot box to call their own without the luxury of land ownership.
This is progress?

King and Strachan/Then and Now

It wasn't that long ago that King Street West between Strachan and Sudbury was completely dominated by the Massey Ferguson (Harris) plant.These postcards are in fact idealized versions of the facility combining buildings from several other cities.
Today nothing remains except the main office which has been turned into
This building was designed by E.J. Lennox.
The head office.
This postcard from 1908 appears to be looking east from Crawford towards Strachan.
A similar view in the early 1980's just prior to demolition.
And a similar view in 2011.
Looking west along King in the 1970's.
The south side of King from Crawford in the 80's.
The showroom on the north side just west of Strachan.
A more complete history of the company can be found here.
Looking south on Crawford towards King 1927.