Monday, February 7, 2011

College and Bathurst/Then and Now

The north side of College just west of Bathurst in 1925.
2010 and the Church is gone but the house and stores remain.

Jane and Lawrence/Then and Now

Another strip plaza on the west side of Jane north of Lawrence, early 1960's.
The significance of this photo is the photography studio shown.
Alexandra Studios have just re-located here and are responsible for hundreds of period photos in the City of Toronto's Archives.
The Turofsky brothers outside their original studio (1944-1954) at 92 King West.
A good article about them can be found here.

Jane and Lawrence/Then and Now

The N/W corner of Jane and Lawrence in the early 1960's.

Adelaide and Tecumseth/Then and Now


Adelaide and Bay/Then and Now

The N/W corner of Bay and Adelaide in the early 1800's, the home and brewery of John Doel.
John Doel.
The N/W corner of Bay and Adelaide in 1827 the home and brewery of John Doel.
Although this photo is labelled 1914 in the archives it has to be earlier as E.S. Willard performed his final North American tour in 1905 and died in 1915. By now the rural family home of Mr. Doel has been converted to commercial space, an employment agency of some sort.
E.S. Willard
The N/W corner of Bay and Adelaide in 1910.
By now the family house has been turned into a discount store and is in a sad state of disrepair.
Suits $15.00-no more, no less!
The Gayety Theatre (billboard) was located on Richmond Street.

Again in 1924 shortly before it's demolition.
A wider shot in 1924 showing the empty lot......

The same corner in 2010.
For more information on the life of John Doel please visit the Black Creek Growler.

Civilized Toronto/Adelaide and Toronto Street

The intersection of Toronto and Adelaide Street in 1912. There were several public lavatories throughout the city then and are probably still there, buried under the pavement.
The interior. It's a shame that the city is unable to provide "Public Necessaries" in these modern times. Everyone's got to go on occasion. They have them in New York City.

Adelaide and Sherbourne/Then and Now

Looking east along Adelaide (then Duke Street) at Sherbourne in 1933.
2010. The building to the right, the Paul Bishop House, built in 1848 on the foundations of a previous house, has recently undergone a successful restoration.
The Paul Bishop House circa 1890.
A more current view.
Looking North up Sherbourne across Adelaide.
Looking south in 1933 with the Hawes Foor Wax Company on the left.
Hawes Wax tin.
Some correspondence.

King and Frederick/Then and Now

Looking north up Frederick Street from King in 1925 with the Campbell House in it's original location before the move in 1972. Adelaide was originally called Duke Street and Richmond was known as Duchess Street. A good history of the area can be found here.