Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Toronto Real Estate Map 1855

Queen and Sherbourne/Then and Now

The N/E corner of Queen and Sherbourne looking east at the turn of the century. Lots of bicycles and horse drawn carriages. Note the awnings to shield the customers from the elements.
A somewhat current view.

Queen and Roncesvalles/Then

Looking south towards the lake in the early 1960's. Note the early Corvair on the right.

Yonge and King/Then and Now

Adelaide and Sherbourne/Then and Now

Looking east along Adelaide (then Duke Street) at Sherbourne in 1933.
2010. The building to the right, the Paul Bishop House, built in 1848 on the foundations of a previous house, has recently undergone a successful restoration.
The Paul Bishop House circa 1890.
A more current view.
Looking North up Sherbourne across Adelaide.
Looking south in 1933 with the Hawes Foor Wax Company on the left.
Hawes Wax tin.
Some correspondence.

Adelaide and Victoria/Then and Now

 An early photograph of the N/W corner of Adelaide and Victoria Street.

A current view.

Adelaide and George/Then and Now

 Toronto's first Post Office.

Six Points Plaza 1960/2012

Six Points/Then and Now