Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dundas and Mutual/Then and Now

The N/W corner of Dundas and Mutual in the early 1920's.
Now an empty lot....
The Sears warehouse is in the BG of both photos.

Sunnyside Train Station/Then and Now

An early postcard showing Sunnyside Station in 1920 or so. Built in 1912 it was demolished in 1973.

A small portion of the pedestrian access stairs can be seen buried under the grass.
as seen from Queen St.
Kubrick would be proud.
The station under construction in 1911. Again you can see how close the lake was to the train tracks.
A composite.

Queen and Broadview/Then and Now

rd fromAnother early hand tinted postcard from the Chuckman collection of Queen East looking west towards Broadview.


Dupont and Davenport/Then and Now

The south side of Dupont west of Davenport in 1931.
This building next door to the east was demolished when the road was widened....
A quick (and poor) photoshop job.

The King Edward Hotel/Then and Now

This piece of furniture has an interesting history. It was given to me last summer by my aunt, Margaret Agnelli after my uncle, Albert Agnelli died.
Albert's father, John had worked at the King Edward during the 1930's and 40's and had aquired this piece (possibly a display cabinet) during his time there. I contacted the King Edward and they were interested in having it back as part of their collection. I gave it to them today and Ron (the restorationist) was very pleased to have it back after 80 years or so.
I look forward to seeing it on display in the near future.
Thanks to Pearl Famoso for helping to organize this donation.

Queen and John/Then and Now

The S/E corner of Queen and John as seen in 1919.
The five-storey building was originally constructed as the headquarters of the Methodist Church of Canada in 1913 by Burke, Horwood and White.The building was purchased by CHUM in 1985, and was re-opened in May 1987 as the new headquarters for the company and its various outlets, including Citytv Toronto (which was previously located at 99 Queen St. East).
The old CHUM building on Yonge Street in the 1960's with their "fleet".
A small collection of Chum ephemera from this Chum history site.