Thursday, June 24, 2010

Queen and Brock/Then and Now

Here's a very nice early shot of Queen West looking west from Brock Avenue in 1916. If you click on the image there are some interesting details. Aside from the lack of cars note the abundance of awnings and horse drawn carts. To the lower right there's a child's wagon and half way up on the left a motorcycle is parked. The ornate building on the left is the Parkdale Municipal Offices and was built in 1888. It housed the Parkdale council chamber and office, the firehall and engine house as well as the police station and jail.
It was demolished in 1931.

Lansdowne Subway/Then and Now

As with the Queen Street Subway (underpass) the Lansdowne Subway was another major construction project for the city to improve traffic flow.
An early view of the completed subway circa 1915.Since then the approach has been re-aligned and the retaining walls replaced.
Inside the recently completed subway January 1915.
Wet walls were a concern.
Almost 100 years later and the walls are still wet.

Lansdowne and Rideau/Then and Now

Looking north across Rideau Street towards the Lansdowne subway 1915
Looking north across Rideau Street towards the Lansdowne subway circa 1930.
A similar view in September 1950.60 years later in 1010.

Lansdowne and Seaforth PT.2/Then and Now

Looking north up Lansdowne from Seaforth Sept. 1950.
June 2010.

Lansdowne and Seaforth/Then and Now

Looking south down Lansdowne from Seaforth Avenue circa 1950.
60 years later and not too much has changed.

Queen and Lansdowne/Then and Now

Looking north on Lansdowne from the Queen intersection in the late 1930's.Skip ahead to 1950 and the road is much wider.