Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bay and Edwards/Then and Now

The S/E corner of Bay and Edwards in 1923.
Note the billboard for Sellers Gough Furs. This company is still in business with a shop in Yorkville.
A few changes here....

Yonge and Edward/Then and Now

Looking west along Edward from Yonge 1952. The Olympia Bowling alley is now the World's Biggest Book Store. The Moffat stove on the billboard is the same stove we have in our house.
Built to last.

Edward and Elizabeth/Then and Now

Queen and Bathurst/Then and Now

A postcard from 1910 looking north on Bathurst from Queen courtesy of Chuckman's Collection.
Looking north up Bathurst from Queen April 9. 1935.Six months later, the road was widened.
There is a previous post on this intersection here.
And another post about the Home Bank on the right, here.

Queen and Euclid/Then and Now

This is actually two photos from the archives stitched together. The left side is from 1941 and the right side from 1910 or so. There is a previous post on this block here.

The same corner today.

Vintage News Stands 1937

This stand on the S/E corner of College and Bathurst sells the Star.
This one on the N/E corner sells the Telegram. Note the very modern Art Deco drug store facade.

Warburton Ford on Manning/Then and Now

Warburton Ford on Manning just north of Bloor in the late 1940's. That's a great sign.
The Monarch brand was exclusive to Canada and really just a lower priced Mercury.


Euclid House/Then and Now


Ontario Cottage on Manning/Then and Now

This little house on Manning north of Queen was in need of serious repair in the spring of 1940.
Less than a year later it was fixed up.
And still stands today.