Friday, November 16, 2012

More Lakeshore Motels by Patrick Cummins

January 1983.
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Lakeshore Motel Strip January 1983

Toronto Patrick Cummins, who has been kind enough to share his photos of a lost Toronto had the presence of mind to document these motels along the Lakeshore strip long before the condo boom of the last decade. One by one they slowly disappeared....

The Palace Motel would soon be re-named the Cruise Motel....
Colour photos by highwaygirl67

More Lakeshore Strip Motels/Then and Now

The last of the motels on the Lakeshore strip fell to the wrecking ball yesterday.
The Beach Motel is no more.

The Star has an online article on the strip and it's demise here.

There was a murder at this motel in the early 90's and we also shot a scene from Atom Egoyan's Spinner Spencer movie, Gross Misconduct, here.