Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nassau Street/Then and Now

A couple of row cottages in need of repair in Kensington Market July 1943.

Weston (Keele) and Gunns Road/Then and Now

Looking north on Weston Road (Keele) in 1925. The overpass is part of the Guelph Radial Line.
The building to the right can still be seen today as ABC Lumber.

The old Belt Line Station at the N/E corner of St. Clair and Weston in the 1960's.
A nice Art Deco gas station as well.
The Guelph line near Islington and Dundas.

Bay and Dundas/Then and Now

A selection of photos of the Bay and Dundas intersection with some excellent storefronts and vintage sign details. Click on images for a better look.

The S/E Corner of Bay and Dundas in 1964. Lorenzo's Pizza House and Pape Clothes.
Looking south down Bay. On the left is Jerry Purcell's Restaurant featuring Shopsy's Foods.
on the right is a great sign for the Belvedere Italian Restaurant. This is form the late 1950's.
Looking west along Dundas.
High angle looking south.
The Ford Hotel stood on the N/E corner from 1928-1973.

A Moment in Time

Looking south down Yonge from the corner of Carlton sometime in the 1950's. Kresge's on the left and Eaton's College to the right. Who's the little boy with the balloon looking at the camera.?