Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Old House on McCaul Street

The only surviving house on McCaul Street north of Baldwin. It appears well cared for.

Bassel's Restaurant/Yonge and Gerrard

Bassel's matchbooks courtesy of the Chuckman Collection. The sort of thing most people would throw away but thankfully someone cares enough to collect this ephemera.

Like the Silver Rail at Yonge and Shuter, Bassel's was another bar on the strip that is sadly missed. Here's a collection of photos over the years. Originally Bassel's Lunch it evolved into Bassel's Restaurant and Tavern and lasted until at least 1977 (the first time I visited).

The menu.

A postcard from the early 1960's


One last shot looking south down Yonge in front of the Coronet Theatre from the late 1970's.


Dundas and Elizabeth/Then and Now

Dundas Street West looking south down Elizabeth in 1930.
A similar view in 2010 , That's new City Hall (1966) in the background.

Half a House

This victorian semi on St. Patrick seems to be missing something...

Just For Fun/Lois Lane 106

In the early 1970's comic books decided to become "relevant" and felt the need to deal with more complex social and racial issues. Here's the cover of Lois Lane 106 (Nov. 1970). In search of a story, Lois decides that she needs to live as a black woman for 24 hours and with Superman's help is able to achieve a transformation. As expected she is treated poorly by some and better by others.. All in all a bizarre scenerio.
The splash page.
I Am Curious (Black) is a play on a well known Swedish film of the period that was banned in several countries, I Am Curious (Yellow).

College and Clinton/Then and Now

Looking west along College from Clinton in August of 1936.
The same view in 2010.
The Royal Theatre was built in 1939 and originally called the" Pylon".

Vintage Auto Accessories-Kar Kool

This is an under dash accessory from the 60's - The Kar Kool. It's really just a fan and doesn't do much but blow air. It does however look "Kool".
In fact, it would look good in a 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza.