Friday, December 31, 2010

Queen and Ossington/Then and Now

The north side of Queen West just east of Ossington on a summer's day in 1919.
Ninety years later and not too much has changed.

Oakleaf Steam Baths/Then and Then

These run down houses on Bathurst north of Queen were demolished shortly after this picture was taken in September of 1940.
And replaced by the Oakleaf Steam Baths one year later.

King and Bathurst/Then and Now

A good example of Art Moderne or Streamline Moderne design. The International Harvester Building on Bathurst south of King in 1940.
The facade has been retained in this new hotel and condo development.
Now the Thompson Hotel and the former showroom is the Counter diner,open 24 Hours.
Photo courtesy Hogtown Blues.

Vintage Billboards on College Street

Adams Furniture was located at Queen and James more information can be found here.

Bathurst Street Row Houses/Then and Now

These Victorian Row Houses are getting a make over in the summer of 1941.
Two months later.
And still here in 2010.

Ghost Signs Around Town

More Old Signs Around Town

It's good to know a place to get candy, smokes and guns.....

Adelaide and Peter/Then and Now

Looking at the N/W corner of Adelaide and Peter sometime in the 1940's.

Toronto's Worst House

Toronto's worst house on Richmond west of Bathurst (built in 1859) sold last year (for considerable money) and was knocked down shortly after. The British flag/curtain in front window has been there for at least twenty years.
The empty lot to the left was the previous site of Toronto's Worst House. The new one on the right is quite tasteful.

Little Old House/Ontario Cottage

This little house on Richmond near Bathurst has been here a very long time and hopefully will
remain. The first photo is by Patrick Cummins from 1998, note the original window above the door. This house is a good example of a house style known as an Ontario Cottage or an Ontario Gothic Revival Cottage. In this case though the decorative wood trim no longer exists.
The house can be seen (circled) in this photo from 1914.
This is a good example located in Simcoe.

King and John/Then and Now

The N/E corner of King and John on a snowy day in the early 60's.

The Eclipse Whitewear Building (1903) is significant as one of the earliest warehouses constructed on the former Upper Canada College campus on Russell Square, where the company produced children's and ladies' underwear for over half a century.

Today and not too much has changed.
Looking east along King across john in the late 1970's.
A current view.