Thursday, February 3, 2011

James and Albert/Then, a Little Later and Now

8:05 am at the corner of James and Albert 1913 as the Eaton's delivery fleet prepares to depart.
One hour later and they've all left for their runs across the city.
Sometime in the mid 70's.
2010 and Eaton's is long gone.....

Beverley Street/Then and Now

The east side of Beverley Street north of Queen in 1946.
2010, the fire hydrant's still there.

Yonge and Shuter/Then and Now

The S/E corner of Yonge and Shuter in 1919 when the Rialto Theatre occupied this building.
The building remains with Pier 1 as the tenant.
Tyrone Power and Lois Weber in The Eye of God.
Looking north up Yonge.
The legendary Tyrone Power.
Lois Weber.

Kensington Market/Then and Now

The S/E corner of Baldwin and Kensington in 1919.