Monday, September 17, 2012

Old Spadina

The top two photos are by Patrick Cummins taken in the early 1980's.
Sammy Taft with Cab Calloway.
Bob Hope and Louis Armstrong below.
Note the Shopowitz (Shopsy's) in the background.

Queen West/Then and Now

 481 Queen Street West in the early 1980's way before this strip was in any way hip or trendy. Photo by Patrick Cummins.
 Patrick re-visited the same site years later and the old wood framed store was still standing with new tenants.

King and John/Then and Now

 The S/W corner of King and John as captured by Patrick Cummins in 1979.
Farb's Car Wash was on the opposite corner.
Again in 2010. For awhile in the 1980's the building that the second cup is in was quite abandoned. Jolly Tambourine Man shot their music video in there featuring Jerry Spew....

I Thought it Came in a Can.