Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bloor and Margueretta/Then and Now

The north side of Bloor at Margueretta in 1928,when a small Canadian Tire outlet was located here.

Old Parkdale Maps

 1910 with a good view of south Parkdale demolished to make room for the Gardiner in the early 1950's.

Queen and Shuter/Then and Now

 Looking north on Yonge past Shuter in the spring of 1939, decorated for the King's visit that May. Muirhead's Grill (later the Silver Rail)
is on the right. By September 1,  Britain and France would be at war with Germany.
Canada joined the conflict on September 10, 1939.

Queen and Church/Then and Now

 The south side of Queen east of Church circa 1909.
In the billboard Cohan and Harris refers to George M. Cohan (Yankee Doodle Dandy) and his partner Sam Harris, Tin Pan Alley songwriters and Broadway musical Producers.
George Cohan.
Thomas E. Shea was an actor with a very brief film career.
From the New York Times, September 1909.
A current view reveals the building on the corner remains.

Queen and John/Then and Now

A watercolour from 1851 looking N/E across Queen.
 Sometime in the 1980's and the two little shops have survived. Photo by P. Cummins.
A somewhat current view reveals at least one of the stores has survived .
(St Patrick's Grocery, now a BMV)
The building to the right (Angus McIntosh Groceries) survives today as East! and formerly the Beverley Tavern. The roofline tells the story.

St Patrick's Market/A. Stork and Sons/Then and Now

I've posted this before but have since found some new photos and information to add.
This watercolour (1845) shows an even earlier version of the market, situated deeper on the lot closer to Stephanie Street.
The property was bequeathed to the city by D’Arcy Boulton in 1837 and it was expressly provided that it was to be used forever as a public market and that if the city ceased to use it for this purpose, the property should revert to the heirs of the Boulton estate.
The church in the  watercolour B/G would appear to be this church (only the bell tower remains) in Grange Park.

The original St Patrick's Market was built in 1854 stood here until 1912 when it was
replaced by the building below.

Here's a couple of photos (again from the 80's) of A.Stork and Sons
Fresh Killed Poultry on Queen West.
To the left is the Beverly Tavern and to the right
an empty lot where the Christmas tree lot
from "A Christmas Story" was filmed in 1982.
On several occasions I remember hanging out back of
the Bev late at night and watching the police round
up stray chickens that had escaped the slaughter.
Sometime in the mid 1980's.
As seen in the movie. The empty lot has since been filled in.
 Sometime in the 1980's as seen by P.Cummins.
Compare the building to the left (The Beverley Tavern ) to the watercolour,
Angus McIntosh Groceries Wines and Spirits.
The roofline and windows all line up nicely.
A somewhat current view.
The building has since been re-purposed as the Queen Street Market but remains mostly vacant. I wonder how much time needs to pass before the ownership reverts back?