Friday, June 3, 2011

College and Lippencott/Then and Now

The S/W corner of College and Lippencott in the early 1900's. Note the awnings on the north side of the street (the sunny side of the street)
A current view.

Boarded up House on Sherbourne-Why?


Dundas and Bathurst/Then

A couple of photos of the east side of Bathurst south of Dundas taken in 1951.
This entire block has since been demolished.

Spadina and Nassau/Then and Now

An early shot of Spadina looking north towards College. Note the house on the right with the Mansard roof.2010.

Front and Trinity/Then and Now

The S/E corner of Eastern and Trinity in 1937.
This appears to be the N/W corner of front and trinity taken in 1937.
A similar view in 2010.

Dundas and Victoria/Then and Now

The S/E corner of Dundas and Victoria as seen in the early 1950's.
The same intersection in 2010. Virtually unrecognizable but the Senator Restaurant remains hidden behind the construction hoarding.