Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Spadina Hotel/Then and Now

I've published this post before but think it deserves a second look.
An early shot of the Spadina Hotel, then known as the Falconer on the N/W corner of Spadina and King Street West
The same view in 2010.
Here's a shot of The Spadina Hotel as it appeared in the 80's.
Several well known bands (and 100's of lesser known) played their
first shows upstairs at the legendary Cabana Room on the second floor..
In 1973 several scenes form The Last Detail were filmed here in Toronto
including one where Jack Nicholson slams his gun on the bar.
The Spadina Hotel is now a backpacker's hostel
but the bar remains in the lobby.
Now used as a check in desk the dents in the
formica top remain, stop in and have a look.
The Spadina Hotel today.
Handbill from 1983.
A vintage matchbook cover from Chuckman's Postcard Collection.
Some of the bands I remember playing at the Cabana Room in the 80's.

A music video from Tulpa. Initiation Rites 1984.
Tulpa consisted of John Bottomley,(guitar) his brother Chris Bottomley (bass) and Mike Severin on Drums. I'm sad to report that John Bottomley passed away two weeks ago.

A music video from K. Voice in the Bush 1984.

Sounds from the Streets, 1984.
An interview with the late Steve Banks from Ministry of Love.

This is by Jolly Tambourine Man and features Jerry Spew, who if I remember correctly, drove cab. Parts were filmed in a then abandoned house at the S/W corner of King and John pictured below.
Once a haven for dope smoking and depravity it's now a Subway and a Second Cup.

College and Bellevue/Then and Now

Looking at the north side of College from bellevue in th mid 1960's. A great shot of the Lux Burlesque Theatre as well as some great vintage storefronts.
Click on image for a better view.

Kensington Market/Then and Now

The west side of Augusta looking north in 1958.
A similar vantage point in 2010.