Friday, December 24, 2010

Imperial Pub/Then and Now

The Imperial at Dundas and Victoria when it was the Imperial Hotel.It's been a favourite hang out for students their teachers for years.
It's got a great patio.

Queen and Manning/Then and Now

Looking at the south side of Queen from Manning.
Today and not that much has changed....

The Beatles at Maple Leaf Gardens 1966

The Beatles answer questions at the Hot Stove Lounge August 17, 1966

A news conference, September 7 1964.

Not sure who the interviewer is but he's quite aggressive and rude.
I'm surprised that John didn't let him have it.
Pelham Puppets out of England produced these "Musician" puppets during the height of Beatlemania. I received one for Christmas in 1966 or 67 and didn't like it so it was returned to Eatons and exchanged for one of these....
Johnny Speed by Topper Toys.