Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Westwood Theatres/Then and Now

The Westwood in 1974.

Cinema Treasures has this to say about the Westwood:
"The Westwood Theatre was originally operated by 20th Century Theatres when it opened in February 1952. In the late-1980's, Famous Players took over.
In the late-1960's, a second screen was added in a new addition to the original building. In 1980, the original auditorium was divided in two, making the Westwood Theatre a triplex.
The Westwood Theatre closed in 1998."

The desolate lobby.

No more coming attractions....
We had a lot of fun going to the Westwood at Six points. In fact I went on my first "date" there to see The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes when I was 12.
Later I saw The Beatles' Let It Be and at the end of the film the older kids (hippies)
started to dance in the aisles.

Cloverdale Mall/Then and Now

When Cloverdale Mall (in Etobicoke) was built in the late 1950's it was really a plaza, the inner courtyard was open. After the opening of Sherway Gardens in 1971 the popularity of Cloverdale began to decline until it was decided to revamp the plaza and enclose it.
Cloverdale was built on farmland that had originally been known as Eatonville, purchased by The Eaton family to provide milk and cream for their department stores.
Cloverdale in the early 1960's.
The same view today.
There was a concrete sculpture/slide at the south end that provided hours of fun for the kids while our parents shopped. Who's the girl in the mini skirt? She's got the perfect late 1960's look. If you click on this image
you'll find an original Big Boy statue in the top left corner.
Looking south towards the slide. One of those kids could easily be me.....
The same view today.
The Dominion Store in the late 1950's.
Before the north end of the mall was a Zellers it was a Hudson's bay store and before that it was Morgan's.