Saturday, April 2, 2011

Peter and Richmond/Then and Now Plus

Looking north up Peter Street across Richmond in the summer of 1949 before the street was widened.
Again in 2010.
A composite of the two.

Diamond in the Rough/Chinatown

This Victorian on Huron Street has clearly seen better days. Despite the ravages of time and some poor modifications it's still very appealing.
It even has some of the original "cresting" above the front window.

Favourite Parkdale House/Now

This is one of my favourite houses in Parkdale. Located on O'Hara it appears to be quite original including the double hung windows. There are very few wood frame houses left in Toronto and with it's close proximity to the original O'Hara estate it's possible that this was built for a family member of Colonel Walter O'Hara in the 1860's or so.
O'Hara's estate was called West Lodge and was situated north of Queen on what is now West Lodge Avenue. The house was demolished by the City of Toronto (then owners) in 1959.

Customized Honda 305 Dream

A nice looking 305 Dream currently for sale on Kijiji.
A similar bike to the Honda 305 Superhawk.
With the Dream both pistons move together, with the Superhawk, they alternate.
A 1967 Honda 305 Superhawk.

Dowling Ave/Then and Now

Dowling Ave. 1910. Postcard courtesy of Chuckman. Note the absence of cars.
Again, this one is difficult to place exactly but here's a modern shot of Dowling looking south towards the lake.

Howard Park/Then and Now

Another vintage postcard from Chuckman's. Howard Park looking west from Roncesvalles circa 1912.
A current view.