Thursday, November 10, 2011

Parkdale Then and Now

There's an interesting series of photos and descriptions about Parkdale to be found here.

Weston Road/Then and Now

Weston Road looking North from Gunns road in 1920 or so.
2010 and the white building (ABC Lumber) to the right remains.

Weston Road Treasure

Constructed in 1841, this building still stand at the intersection of Weston Road and St. Philips.
It is listed in the Ontario Heritage Database.
It can be seen in the b/g in this photo by Joseph Testagrose taken sometime in the 1940's.

Four Old Theatres

The University Theatre on Bloor.

The Uptown on Yonge 1949.

The Teck Theatre on Queen just west of Broadview, 1932.
The Downtown Theatre on Yonge south of Dundas 1949.