Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lakeshore and Parklawn/Then and Now

This is the south side Lakeshore just west of Parklawn in the late 1970's.
It's a frame grab from the New Avengers. Several episodes were filmed here in 1977.The Pickin' Chicken Bar-B-Que.
Barbeque is a French word meaning head to tail (beard to tail)
This condo development replaced the Pickin' Chicken.
Looking east towards Parklawn, you can see how undeveloped this stretch was.

A Star delivery van in front of the Polish Alliance.
A current view with the Alliance in the BG.
Steed and Purdy, 1977.
Thanks to Mark Moore for the heads up on this post.
For a complete story click here.
 As shot by Patrick Cummins in 1983.
Another Pickin' Chicken on Queen just east of Roncesvalles in the early 1970's
Photo by lindsaybridge