Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dovercourt Subway/Then

Looking north up Dovercourt from Dupont in 1911 at the level crossing.
The same view 4 years later as the subway nears completion. It certainly seems that Toronto was able to accomplish a lot of public works projects within a short period of time with simple tools and manpower back then. I wonder why we can't do the same thing today. The roadwork on Roncesvalles has taken forever and still not finished. In addition the pavement is a mess of potholes and patches, clearly a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists.

Dundas and Lansdowne/Then and Now

I realize now that most of the hits to this post are looking for the phone number for Yummy Pizza. It's listed below and it is good.
Looking east from Dundas across Lansdowne in 1917. The building on the S/E corner is a bank.
For years afterwards it was the Dunlan restaurant and had a wonderful 1940's serpentine counter and several small booths.Scenes from David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch were shot there in 1991.
Now it's Yummy Pizza!
1745 Dundas St West
Toronto, ON M6K 1V4
(416) 588-6666

A couple of shots inside the long gone Dunlan Diner courtesy of mistagregory.
Good times!
Freshen' your drink, Hon' ?
A couple of recent photos while under renovation.
It appears that it was a music academy before a restaurant.
These last two photos are by printwithfire.

Lansdowne and Shirley/Then and Now

Not that interesting... looking N/W on Shirley Street towards Lansdowne March 1941.

Brock Avenue/Then and Now

Looking north on Brock 1n 1898 after a devastating ice storm that collapsed hydro poles.
This photo was taken before subway was built.
A similar view today.

Brock Avenue Subway/Then and Now

Looking north up Brock to the recently completed subway in May of 1915.
2010 and still black and white!
Looking north up Brock across the level crossing in 1911 prior to the subway construction in 1915. The Outwood Coal Company was located at 122 Brock.