Sunday, November 27, 2011

The $23.00 Bicycle/CCM Supercycle

This CCM Supercycle was being thrown out by a neighbour. With some help from Bike Pirates on Bloor and the Community Bicycle Network on Queen, it's been resurrected for a grand total of $23.75 and several hours labour. I haven't hooked up the 3 speed shifter but the bike's been out for a quick run and quite nice as a single speed.

More Old Bicycles Around Town

A Steamliner spotted in the Market.
A Rollfast.

Vintage CCM.
A very original Raleigh Superbe with the Dyno-Hub generator on the front wheel.
The Dyno-Hub.
A simple vintage Huffy.
The logo.
A Raleigh Tourist, Ladies' version with 28" wheels and rod and lever brakes.
A Raleigh Sports with period paint.
A modified Raleigh Superbe.

More Cool Cars Around Town

A very clean Porche 914 that could be a rare 6 cylinder version.

An early 40's Ford pick up truck spotted on Queen.