Saturday, November 5, 2011

More Jane and Bloor/Then and Now

The north side of Bloor east of Jane in 1936, note the Loblaw Groceterias store.
The photo is taken from the old Jane TTC loop on the south side.
Another vintage Loblaws, location TBD.

Jane and Queens Drive/Then and Now

A house fire on the S/E corner of Jane and Queens Drive in the late 1950's.
The same corner today.

Jane and Bloor/Then and Now

The intersection of Bloor and Jane in 1943 before the Bloor was widened.
Sometime in between.

Jane Street/Then and Now

The west side of Jane north of Lawrence in the early 1960's.

Jane and Bloor/Then and Now

Jane Street looking south towards Bloor in 1929.

Riverside Drive and South Kingsway/Then and Now

Looking north up the South Kingsway to Riverside Drive in 1908 or so.

Kingston Road and Victoria Park/Then and Now

Looking west along Kingston Road across Victoria Park in the fall of 1922.
A current view.
A composite.