Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lansdowne and Rideau/Then and Now

Looking east on Rideau Street towards Lansdowne in the late 1800's. Note the row houses on the left as they're the subject of this post. At this point in time this intersection is still quite rural and lies just south of the level crossing.
A similar view in 2010.
The red line represents the original road level.
Looking head on at the houses before the level crossing.
1915 and the subway is finished and the little cottage on the N/W corner has been remodelled.
40 years later (1934) the same houses have been underpinned and transformed.
Of course I could be wrong but the doors and windows seen to line up quite well on both photos.
September 1950.
By 2010 the original cottages have been torn down and replaced by these faux Victorians.


  1. This house on the corner of Rideau and Landsdowne I remember well as a child.
    By the end of the 1970's it was completly abandoned and rundown.
    We used to go inside it play and look around.
    Somewhat scary to us kids.
    They knocked it down around 1978 or 79 if i remember correctly.
    Great photos
    They bring back many memories of my past.

  2. I remember playing in these houses around the same time. I lived across from the corner store on Rideau.