Sunday, June 13, 2010

Queen Street Subway/Then and Now

The cornerstone.
From the overpass looking at the s/w corner of Queen and Dufferin 1898.
The building of the Queen Street Subway (underpass) was a major undertaking for the town of Parkdale in January of 1884. The level crossing at Dufferin Street was proving to be a major hurdle for access and trade. Queen and Dufferin were re-graded several feet below street level
and the existing buildings shored up. Over time as these structures were demolished the recovered land was also altered. The construction costs at the time totalled over $20,000.
Looking east.

Looking south/east.

Looking at the north side of Queen and east towards the subway.
The Gladstone Hotel can be seen in the distance.
The same view in 2010
The S/W corner of Queen and Dufferin 1897.Today.
Still under construction.
Looking west from the foot of Gladstone Ave towards the recently completed subway in 1896The same view today

From Queen looking south down Dufferin during construction.
Dufferin looking north.


  1. I was just looking at that cornerstone the other day and was going to ask you about it. Great post

  2. Very interesting to see how parts of this city have changed over time, especially how I work right beside this intersection