Friday, January 28, 2011

Robinson Street/Then and Now

May, 1942.
Three months later.
2010 and the first house has lost it's gable and gained an unattractive porch.


  1. I thought my porch was unattractive too so planted morning glories to cover it, but my landlord thinks it is beautiful and made me grow fewer flowers so prospective buyers could see his beautiful architorture. It's actually a really great porch when you're on it - I keep a great porch garden and can hang out there nude if I want. Robinson Street rocks. I call it Queer Family Robinson Street. You heard right, this house will be for sale. I'm moving to my family farm outside of the city but will keep an address elsehwere in Toronto as well.

  2. My grandad lived on Robinson Street in 1946. Or at least, that's what his Army discharge papers say. #116. Is it still there?

  3. You should have a look on Google street view.

  4. Omg I currently live in one of these houses.. thank you so much for sharing this. Very interesting to see how it looked like decades ago..