Friday, September 23, 2011

This is Why the Sixties Were Cool.

The Clairtone Project G console stereo. Using the inflation calculator, the price today would be approx. $12,000.00. For more information on the Clairetone G series please visit


  1. That brings back my memories of my grandparents' Clairtone...

  2. It's also a good example of why nostalgia cuts both ways. As good as the Clairtone sounded, and as great as it looked, the price was insane, and quality of electronic goods simply plummeted as you went down the price scale. Today a few hundred bucks buys you a system equal or better, though not perhaps in aesthetics. Given the price, it's not hard to see why the company tanked - even if you ignore its disastrous business decisions. Peter Munk seems to have come out alright, though.

  3. I've been collecting the Clairtone G series a few years now and yeah, the 60's were cool in so many ways :

    Great blog!