Sunday, September 11, 2011

Toronto Vintage Sampler 2

A somewhat random collection of photos from the past...
click on image for a better view.
Yonge south of Bloor in the 1970's.
Yonge south of Shaftsbury circa 1914.
Harbord east of Bathurst in the 1960's.
Howard Park.
Gerrard East looking towards Yonge in the 1950's.


  1. I've noticed something in some of the photos from the fonds collection. If you look in the photo above the "Steak Burger" you'll see something that looks like a large lamp on a pole sticking up about 4 feet from the roof of the store. The same things appear on the CIBC that was next to the Sam the Record Man...

    Any idea what these were?

    1. There are no lamp posts on Yonge Street and all the overhead wiring went underground when the subway was underground. That large lamp is indeed a street light because--as I said before-- there are no lamp posts on Yonge Street.

  2. Good observation, but I have no idea...

  3. I'm pretty sure "King Street at Close" is Harbord by Bathurst - I think that's Central Tech on the right.

  4. You are correct and I have made the change.