Monday, October 3, 2011

Fabulous Flying Pigeon Vintage Bicycle

A new addition to the fleet. This is a late 1950's Flying Pigeon built in China and according to the previous owner, was purchased at Eaton's in 1958 or 1959. The bike is totally original and virtually unmolested. It weighs close to 100 pounds and has drum brakes. It's more like a small motorcycle than a big bike. It even has the original Flying Pigeon tires.
The original generator still works.
Rod and lever brakes.
Hand pin striped as well.
Still on the lookout for a fender ornament.
For more information on the Flying Pigeon and other Chinese bicycles please visit:
New Flying Pigeons are still available and are shipped ready for final assembly.


  1. When you say fleet, do you mean you have a small collection of bikes ? 4 or 10 ?

  2. currently at 6, but my wife is starting to get concerned...

  3. Your lucky enough to have a Flying Pegion bike. It is rare to see that bike nowadays.

  4. Thanks Greg for giving the old bike a good home


  5. And thank you Tim for selling it to me....

  6. where can i get a flying pigeon bicycle in toronto would love to get one?