Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Edward and Elizabeth and Bay/Then and Now

This is a re-post but deserves a second look. It's amazing how much quality work was accomplished in a short time back in the 1930's. People were eager to work and projects were completed on time with a high level of craftsmanship.
The Empire State Building in new York was built in just over a year......
The S/E corner of Edward and Elizabeth Streets looking towards Bay in the Summer of 1931 prior to construction of the new Bus Terminal.
Looking west along Elizabeth from Bay.
Although the Terminal had not yet been built the site was still being used to ferry passengers.
Note the diner in the background. Even in the 1930's people wanted a "Quick Lunch"
Looking south down Bay.
An artists rendering of the new terminal.
Coming soon! The sign says it will be ready in three months!Two weeks later ....Completed on time! No wonder everyone wanted a "Quick Lunch", they had to get back to work!
As it looks today.
Some shots of the Art Deco interior when it was new.
The Grand Staircase.
The ticket kiosks.
The first bus to depart from the new terminal.
It's a testament to the men and women that worked on the new terminal that it was built on time, to a high standard of craftsmanship and that it's still standing and functional eighty years
later. How long does it take to get new cabinets in a kitchen these days?
A vintage matchbook from the Terminal Restaurant courtesy of the Chuckman Collection.
Looking north on Bay, 1950's.
A Greyhound Vista Cruiser from the early 1960's departs from the terminal.


  1. Not so long ago. Maybe 25 years, the upstairs had seating and was painted a lurid pink. You could watch 10 minutes of TV for a quarter. There was a diner to the left of the ticket counter.

  2. Thanks for the contribution.