Monday, April 2, 2012

Queen and Beverley/Then and Now

The N/W corner of Queen and Beverley in 1983. This simple wood frame building is probably one of the oldest stores on Queen West and is occupied by a furniture store, a used clothing store (Fab) and a small Pizza Pizza outlet. Note the sagging roof and crooked windows.
By February 1988 Fab had taken over the left side and Pizza Pizza the right.
By the spring of 88 Fab is gone and the space building is for lease.HMV soon took over the building and did some major structural work with an addition to the rear but still retained the facade and much of the wood details. Thanks to Patrick Cummins for documenting the transitions.


  1. Oh, man - Fab. Holy '80s memories. They didn't just do structural work to the place - they completely rebuilt the interior with big beams of engineered plywood, the first I'd ever seen on that scale. It was pretty impressive. I give the HMV another year and it'll be gone, too.

  2. I agree. The big HMV in Vancouver shut down over Christmas.
    I'm still friends with the guys that had Fab. You should check out Patrick Cummins Flicker site.He was very busy from about 1979 to present documenting the changing face of the city. You don't realize that you're living through history until you notice what's gone.....