Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Queen and MacDonnell/Then and Now

The north side of Queen east of Macdonnell in 1898.
1988 courtesy of Patrick Cummins.

1988. I was living in the apartment above BB Shoes when Patrick Cummins took this shot.


  1. Man, you've been hitting all my old stomping grounds with the last few posts. Curiously, when you lived there, was there ever anyone in the apartments next door, under the remaining of the two "witches hat" roofs? I have a running bet that that building's apartments have been untenanted for decades. I lived around the corner from here on MacDonell from the turn of the millenium, after living just down the street at Sorauren since the late '80s.

  2. The apartment next store has been empty since the late 1930's. It's a complete 2 story apartment with a grand entrance at the top of the stairs. Originally built for the shopkeeper's family to live in it's like visiting the Titanic. I used to take people through it on "ghost tours" as I knew the secret entrance. Time stopped here in 1938 or so......

  3. OK - sign me up.
    Still looks like a hotel to me, but I've never been 'inside'.

  4. Hi there! There wasn't any contact info in your profile so I'm posting this here...

    I've REALLY enjoyed the most recent set of posts with the Patrick Cummins shots interspersed. Great stuff -- I hope there's more in the works.

    I thought you might be interested in the following.

    I cobbled together a simple online site for easily accessing the 1884, 1890, 1893 and 1899 editions of Goad’s Atlas of Toronto. These maps can be invaluable for sleuthing out buildings which no longer exist or have changed since the Victorian era -- i.e. bits of 'Lost Toronto'.

    Here's the link to the introductory post...

    kind regards,

    Nathan Ng

  5. Thank you for the info.
    I'll add a link to the main page for others to use.
    Patrick Cummins has been very generous in allowing me to use his photos and he has hundreds!