Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yonge and Gloucester/Masonic Block

 The old Masonic Hall on Yonge Street. Built in 1888, restored in 1972.
 Photos and research care of Mark Moore.
MASONIC BLOCK, Yonge Street at Gloucester Street, a row of seven stores, apartments and Masonic Hall for Alex Patterson, now called Gloucester Mews, 1888; renovated and restored 1972 (Telegram [Toronto], 26 April 1888, 2, t.c.)
 A more current view by mmmighty_atom.


  1. Does anyone remember a bunch of 'head shops/incense/poster/T-Shirt shops' inside this building for a short time in the 70's ?

    1. Hi Mark,
      How would I be able to get a copy of the first photograph - it's for a new retailer going in the building who would like to have it framed. Thanks for any information!

    2. Do a Google Image search.
      Enter - Gloucester St. Toronto
      Toronto Public Library - Image search.

    3. No, I don't recall those shops, but I do remember a haircutting place called Country Cut & Curl, which was one or two doors north of the current Brownstone restaurant. Does anybody remember that place?

    4. Ha ha! I'll go you a bit more!!
      I believe the hair place was, previously, The House Of Lords (they advertised on CFNY, and [maybe?] Q107?).
      Was at the Brownstone restaurant, about 15 years ago. Good neighborhood-y kind of place.
      I love reminiscing about Toronto!

  2. I think the Gloucester block must have fallen on hard times by the '50s and '60s, based on the second photo. The '70s reno is actually sort of impressive - some sort of architecture/design firm built an impressive two-story office inside, with a rather Piranesian staircase. I also know that Master John has been there since the '70s, though they specialize in western wear today, and not platform boots, as they did back then.

  3. Norman Jewison has an office there but you enter from the alley behind.

  4. Actually Jewison's building is #18 Gloucester Lane.
    The former Rawlinson Furniture warehouse built in 1878.

  5. Mark, I would like to use the second photo listed in my book about growing up at 626 yonge street. How do I get permission?