Friday, February 26, 2010

The Strange Case of James Earl Ray-The Spring of 1968

James Earl Ray, the convicted killer of civil rights leader Martin   Luther King, shown here in a 1968 photo released by the FBI.
James Earl Ray.
After the assasination of Martin Luthor King in Memphis on April 4, 1968, James Earl Ray, the alleged assassin managed to evade capture and make his way to Toronto by bus, taxi and train. He spent the month of April here biding his time before travelling to London England on a Canadian passport using a name he had found in the Telegram Newspaper's archives.
Ray's Canadian passport under the alias of Ramon George Sneya.

He first took a room here on Ossington Ave.
To avoid suspicion, he also rented a room in this house on Dundas St W. alternating his time
between the two.
He was known to frequent the bar at the foot of Ossington. The Gondoratu House 1958.
The old Hotel being demolished to make room for.....
more condos!
He's also rumoured to have hung out at the old Drake Hotel further west on Queen.
For the full story of Ray's time in Toronto click here.
He's also believed to have spent time here at the Silver Dollar Room at the Waverly Hotel.
Two early postcards from Chuckman's of the Waverly Hotel. The Dining Room.
The Exterior.

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