Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bar Six/What Happened?

 What ever happened to Cadbury's Bar Six?


  1. I think about Bar Six once in awhile. We were a family of six, four kids and two parents. So when we had a road trip or sometimes just because, my Dad would get one Bar Six and each person would get one bar. It's one of the nice things I remember from our family trips in the car. I haven't seen a Bar Six since I was a kid, that I can really remember.

  2. Facebook Bar Six Group

  3. Al a youth, Bar Six was right near the top of my list of favorite treats. Ironically, I never even noticed when it was taken from the market. Guess I got older and was busy just trying to survive the 'lean years'.

    A number of years ago I decided that I wanted to enjoy a Bar Six, so I started looking for them in the stores, only to learn that they not only no longer exist, but that very few people I asked about them even knew what a Bar Six was!

    No idea what the rationale was for discontinuing them, but I must suppose it came down to losing money on candy bar sales. All I know for sure is that I still miss them.

    At least they still make KitKat bars, but I seem to recall enjoying the Bar Six more.

  4. My dad actually did the new label for this candy bar when i was a kid