Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Queen and Sorauren 1958

Looking west on Queen across Sorauren in 1958. This is a frame grab from a super 8 film that was shot. The full version can be found here and is worth watching. 


  1. Such an innocent time. No traffic, peaceful, when time stood still -- WHAT HAPPENED?

  2. '58, and the Jameson apartments looked new. I especially like the ladies taking a stroll on the street in their hats, heels and "new look" dresses; I don't know how poor Parkdale was at this point, but there was a dignity to the area that I never really knew by the time I moved there. It's the point I keep trying to make to people who make fun of the Mad Men mania among people my age and younger - yes, it wasn't perfect, and people were just as f*cked up (that, in fact, is the point of the show, right?), but there was a dignity to the style of everyday life that's gone almost entirely missing today. I know - a matter of perception, but I stand by mine....